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Level Platforms Certified Partner
Remote Monitoring & Management Software for IT Service Providers

Level Platforms provides simplified 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software for Small Business IT environments.

The solution, which includes Level Platforms OnSite Manager, offers extensive patch management, remote control and management, and automation on demand.

The network survey and audit is the single most important tool in selling managed services. Since Managed Workplace is preinstalled for every Site, solution providers can run a comprehensive free Network Audit of each customer’s site with nothing more than a few mouse clicks. When the customer sees the opportunities for improvement, it’s just a few clicks more for their Managed Services Provider (MSP) to start bringing the network up to standard and delivering an ongoing recurring managed service.”

For more information contact a sales representative, or see www.levelplatforms.com.

INet and Level Platforms Special Offer
INet and Level Platforms* offer a Unique Opportunity to Increase Productivity and Revenue

SPECIAL OFFER: Ask for Level Platforms* Managed Workplace through the INet Web Request Form and get 30 days FREE access to Level Platform’s innovative Network Audits, used by many successful Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to engage new prospective clients and discover customer issues in need of attention. Delivering new recurring revenue streams, increased product and services sales, and lower operating costs!

Contact a sales representative to get more information on Level Platforms and the Managed Workplace platform.

What is the Level Platforms* Managed Workplace?

The Level Platforms Managed Workplace is a comprehensive web-based monitoring, alerting, remediation, automation, reporting and service platform designed exclusively for IT service providers. Managed Workplace covers the entire technology ecosystem and provides all the capabilities required to migrate from the traditional break/fix service delivery model to full managed services with recurring revenues.

Level Platforms Managed Workplace provides the ongoing proactive monitoring and maintenance of:

  • Health
  • Performance
  • Availability of applications
  • Other devices in the SMB environment (PCs, printers, networking gear, etc.)
  • License compliance reports
  • Network audits
  • Security and backup monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Patch management
  • Automated problem resolution
  • Automated scheduled maintenance scripts
  • Remote problem resolution

Multiple IT reports ensure that your small business clients, using the Managed Workplace, benefit from a centralized end-to-end solution for business applications while ensuring maximum uptime of their entire IT environment and resulting productivity of their staff.

What Do I Get With the Special Offer?

When you ask for the Level Platforms Managed Workplace you receive the following premium features for 30 days free**:

  • Full feature no charge monitoring and management by the new Onsite Manager software for a site of up to 250 devices (for 30 days**)
  • Full Network Auditing/Network Assessment capabilities (for 30 days**)
  • All other Onsite Manager-based product features
  • Technical training and support from an LPI Platform Development Manager
  • Access to the additional valuable Market Reports and Marketing Resources
**After the 30 day period you will have access to a special promotion price to sign up as a new partner!

Tell me about the Support and Training

When you ask the Level Platforms Managed Workplace sales representative, Level Platforms assigns a dedicated Partner Development Manager (PDM) to support you in the development, implementation and execution of a successful managed services business plan. When you sign up, you will receive a phone call from the dedicated PDM to schedule an "introductory meeting.”
The goal of this first conference call from Level Platforms is to learn more about: 

  • Your business background and goals
  • Your current business baseline and profile
  • Your objectives and expectations related to managed services
Upon completion of the first call, your PDM will:
  • Outline an implementation plan for their go-to-market strategy.
  • Register your company for technical training.
  • Review the resources available for ongoing support from our partner portal.
Your PDM becomes an extension of your own organization as a consultant and sounding board for new ideas, the “go to” person to understand and promote your product development priorities as well as ensure that new features that we develop can be integrated into your business.

Contact a sales representative get more information on Level Platforms and the Managed Workplace platform.

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